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Course curriculum

    1. 1. WHAT ARE BOUNDARIES? | Covering The Basics

    2. 2. THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BOUNDARIES | A Closer Look at Inner and Outer Boundaries

    3. 3. THE COMPLIANT AND THE CONTROLLER | Two Players In An Unhealthy Game

    1. 4. USING WORDS TO CREATE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES | The Power of Honest Communication

    2. 5. USING DISTANCE TO CREATE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES | When It's Healthy and When It's Not

    3. 6. USING FLEXIBILITY TO CREATE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES |Adjusting Your Boundaries For Protection Or Connection

    1. 7. HOW TO CREATE HEALTHY EMOTIONAL BOUNDARIES | The Window Of Tolerance, Exploding Door Mats, and Emotional Amoebas

    2. 8. HOW TO CREATE HEALTHY ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES |Using Visualization and Present Moment Awareness To Support Yourself & Others

    3. 9. HOW TO CREATE HEALTHY MENTAL BOUNDARIES | Mind-chatter, Mental Meddling, & The Remedy For Worry

    1. 10. THE THREE KINDS OF BUSINESS | The Foundation For Healthy Boundaries & Self-Esteem

    2. 11. REQUESTS AND CONSEQUENCES | Winning Formulas For Setting & Communicating Boundaries With Others

    3. 12. YES, NO, MAYBE. | The Key To Your Freedom Is Honesty

    1. 13. ENMESHMENT ISN'T LOVE | The Truth About Intimacy & Self-Esteem

    2. 14. RESPECT IS NOT A GIVEN | Closeness Has To Be Earned

    3. 15. DEFENCES AREN'T BOUNDARIES | Recognizing Boundary Substitutes and Imposters

    4. 16. BOUNDARY VIOLATIONS VS. BOUNDARY MISTAKES | Listening To The Voice Of The Guardian, Instead of Your Own Wishful Thinking

About this course

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What Other Participants Are Saying

“I have thought several times that I would pay three times what I paid for this course it has been that helpful, but I must tell you that Lesson 17 is priceless! I look forward to finishing this course and then beginning it all over again. Thank you so much Kelli!”

Sarah McKinnon, Chicago IL

“I'm currently enrolled in Kelli Younglove's Boundary Course & I love it. It has helped me so much. For one thing, it was amazing for me to find out someone else has gone through exactly what I have when it comes to setting boundaries. Kelli offers do-able life changing strategies to honour yourself & not give in to saying yes when you really want to say no. You do lessons at your own pace & can do any lesson as many times as you want. Kelli is great!!”

Cathy Wood, Ithaca NY

“When I first signed up for this course, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought my boundaries were in good shape. I didn’t realize my lack of energy and constant guilt were caused by not having proper boundaries in place. Kelli's course taught me how to determine what IS mine and what ISN’T, and I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful this has been. I now have energy again. I no longer feel badly about saying no, which just a few years ago would have kept me up all night with guilt. I cannot say enough about how impactful this course has been for me. I have taken it three times already and each time I learn something new or understand it on a deeper level. I highly recommend this course for anyone struggling with guilt, exhaustion and the inability to say “NO”!!! Thank you, Kelli, for all your hard work putting this program together. It gave me my life back. ”

Robyn Lehman, Calgary AB

“Thanks to Kelli's course, I now understand the need for balance between my controller self and my compliant self. And I use the tools from this course every day in all my major relationships. Healthy boundaries have brought peace and harmony to my life and everyone I come in contact with feels that. Thank you, Kelli!”

Maureen Hodgan, Calgary AB